Dear Brother was our second game we made for the Cologne Game Lab. It was made in the second semester and we were given a narrative focus. The entire game was created in 6 weeks.

You play as a nameless character and you are looking for you sister. She wanted to know more about your parents and your childhood. The game takes place in the old and abandoned family house. You and your sister had a very troublesome childhood and you repressed the memories of that time. But through the confrontation of the surroundings these memories come back, and you are forced to live them again. It turns out that your parents had a dark secret. 

The game was created using Unity 3D and magica Voxel. My task was to create the house with all its environments.  

The team:
Tom Schildhauer
Mathis Oster
Ilgin Özcelik
Tristan Arkham
Henri Knutsen