CS GO Level #2

I want to decide on the sort of layout really quickly. Now because the map is settled in a more organic scenery, and because its a cs_ map (hostage map), there is no traditional layout to be found we so often see in de_ maps(defuse maps). But I really wanted to have the ocean be a part of the map and it should kinda divide the map in the middle. I also want this map to be very close quarter combat focused. I dont want to see AWPs all over the place and would rather have many players with shotguns and SMGs. I believe this could raise the tension a lot as the players slowly creep forward to close the distance to strike fast and deadly

This was the first test. But it feels to stretched. It is not very wide but long and creates two lines that are very distinct from each other. Not necessary bad, but I think I want three lines.


This is the current block out. It is much wider, and the island has more space. That allows for more battleground and I can create some lanes and choke points for some Ts and CTs.


I also learned a lot about some tools in the hammer editor. Currently I am working on importing some textures, which is a bit of a busy task. You need the texture, if you want the normal map, height map etc, and use the VTF editor program to create the .VTF (I think it stands for Valve Texture File). Now you need a .VMT. This file describes all the proprieties of that texture. And you can do a lot of stuff in there and I have barely touched the surface. You have to define the maps you want the texture to use, you can set the sound it makes when you walk over it, you can make it a blend texture, which looks nicer, define animations and so much more. There is a wiki article about it.I am still learning how to do the fog, but I think I found the solution.

I think I figured out how to make some fog in the source engine. The key was to create a 3D skybox, have a sky_camera inside it and the camera has to have the same parameters for the fog as the fog_controller in the level. Combining this with a skybox that is (currently) the exact same color as the fog, it creates the thick fog that makes it easy to use the far Z clip to optimize the level more. 


Now I can really play with the lighting and colors to create some great atmosphere. My goal is to archive a blizzard theme in which the player can not really see very far and the CTs have to slowly and tactically move through the level to not get caught off guard by the Ts.


Now with some snow.