My Fifth Semester Project

For our 5th semester we get to choose what we want to pursuit the next six months. The options are an exchange semester abroad, an internship or a self initiated project. Well, after a lot of emails that weren't answered, and declines, I had to choose the project over the internship. 

I love level design. And so far that is the part I usually did in some way or another during the last semester projects. I want to continue that trend and because there are no real constrains for the project, I chose to create a multiplayer map for the game Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO).

The reason I like level design in the fist place is because some years ago I started to explore the SDK from CS:GO. At that time I was spending a lot of time with the game and wanted to see if I could add to the community content. But school kinda forced me to ignore that thought as I had to prepare for the Abitur. 

The last year I rediscovered my fascination about the source engine and with it a great platform to release something to the community of CS:GO.

The theme of the map was always clear to me. I really want to see Norway represented in the game. Sweden got its shot with insertion. And I love that map, it is refreshingly different from all the CS:GO maps and offered unique gameplay that we haven't yet seen in the game.

My favorite part of Norway are the coast areas, especially in the north. The Lofoten are an incredible place to visit and I want that feeling in a map. Now that is kinda hard to do, normally CS maps are restrained to cities to have walls between corridors to create choke points. But when villages in the north look like this: 


Its kinda hard to create this paths for choke points. That is a problem I have to face in the very near future. Right now I am not entirely sure on how to fix it. I dont want to create an insertion_2, but maybe I can find something similar to create a more unique map with interesting gameplay.

On the first day I wanted to see what kind of mood I can create. This was a fast test, and only took 1-2 hours, but I hope to build on this to create some great visuals later on. The rest of the map will be created in dev textures to playtest it before I continue to work on the lighting. 

But I got to say, I am a bit surprised that it sort of worked. The night setting (or day, it is beyond the arctic circle after all) needs some tweaking because I fear that visibility might be an issue later on.


In the next week I will focus on the layout of the city, peers, ocean and islands. I also have to start learning some 3D modeling. I want to costume models for this map, especially in the areas of stones. Norway has these really smooth rocks, as the glaciers of the ice age formed them over a time span of many thousand years.